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There are five key considerations. The first four – who, what, where and when follow a familiar theme.

The most important consideration is likely the fifth. What do they say? “They” are our clients. These people are discerning, demanding and utterly unconcerned with anything other than results. Sound familiar?

Our Projects

speak for themselves

Our Clients

speak for us

The DREAM isn’t the finished project. The DREAM is the process that gets you there. True luxury, is this team.

Remarkably attentive to our questions and comments and needs. What a pleasure working with your group!

Jack & Suzy Welch – Former President & Chairman, GE


Over 35 years, Keating-Moore Construction has evolved to become the builder synonymous with luxury new construction and large, complex remodeling and renovation projects in the Northern Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast. Joe Keating and Tim Moore continue to do the hard work necessary to distinguish the Keating-Moore name and portfolio.


Keating-Moore Construction is a preferred builder in the area’s exclusive waterfront, golf course and club communities. They include, Lost Tree Village, The Bear’s Club, Old Palm, Jupiter Island, The Medalist and Jupiter Hills.

Joe Keating and Tim Moore are builders, first. To your advantage, they are skilled construction managers, team builders and team leaders.

Our portfolio tells the story better than we can.

Our project gallery provides the best view of what we deliver.

Our Gallery


Keating-Moore delivers ground-up, elite new home construction.


Keating-Moore is a Remodeling Magazine Top 50 U.S. remodeling company.


HomeWatch™ is Keating-Moore’s in-house concierge home watch and maintenance division.


is where we choose to live and work. The fact that this is home is one of our greatest incentives to be our very best with every project and in every relationship. It’s all about the smile. When we see clients around town, we delight in their smile, that knowing look that says, “we built something special, together.”

Right now. There’s no reason to wait. There’s no assembling a team. The team has been assembled over more than 35 years.

Sometimes “when” can’t come fast enough. Or, so it seems. Fast track construction is a Keating-Moore specialty. Your deadline is our deadline. The wedding, the vacation, whatever “the event” is, if it’s important to you it’s important to us. Anything is possible. How about we start there?


A conversation. That’s where it begins. We couldn’t fake it if we tried. See what we are about. Sit down with Joe Keating or Tim Moore. Walk away from the first meeting, knowing. Of all the builders who could build your home, you’ll know these are the builders who should build your next home. Consider it done, right.

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10276 Riverside Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

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